Allergic diseases - types and treatment of allergies

Allergy - types, causes and diagnosis

The number of allergens around the world is increasing exponentially every year due to an increase in living standards. An allergic reaction can cause literally everything that surrounds us. Whether it occurs or not depends on the individual sensitivity of the person, and a hereditary predisposition plays an important role.

Here are the main types:

Seasonal - The most common form of seasonal allergy is hay fever. It is the body's reaction to flowering and dusting of plants. The most common cause is tree pollen. The initial manifestations of pollen allergy are sneezing, nasal congestion, redness of the eyes, and strong reactions in the form of asthma attacks are possible. This is explained by the fact that trees grow everywhere and dust over longer distances. The most common allergen among trees is birch pollen.

Food - is a state of hypersensitivity to food. Food allergy is an excessive reaction of the body to substances contained in certain types of food. As a result, eating even a small amount of such foods causes unpleasant symptoms.

Drug allergy is a secondary reaction to drugs, accompanied by general or local clinical manifestations. A drug allergic reaction develops only with repeated administration (contact) of medications.

Allergists are involved in the search and identification of allergens. For this, a special allergological examination is carried out. Contacting allergists in Moscow hospital will allow you to timely determine the manifestations of allergies and prevent its further development.

Motivation of the people to contact the medical center:

  • online consultation with a doctor without leaving home;

  • access to the best medical technology;

  • special financial conditions;

  • the best international doctors team;

  • free call;

  • make an appointment with the doctor easily.

Allergy clinic is a specialized allergology department, where everything is subordinated to an effective solution to the allergen problem. Here, quick and accurate diagnostics are carried out, modern highly effective individual treatment and prevention programs are prescribed, which ensures the disappearance of allergen manifestations and improves the patient's quality of life. The following allergic diseases are diagnosed and treated in the department of allergology: food, drug, seasonal and other types of allergies.

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